Nutrition Response Testing

You might not get sick often but may feel run down frequently. Perhaps you experience frequent bouts of indigestion or various other symptoms that are mere nuisances rather than debilitating issues. Sometimes, a primary care physician may not take the time to truly understand the problem and simply give you medication to mask the symptoms. Fortunately, at Dr. David Salkin's practice, our chiropractor can provide nutritional response testing to New York, NY, and the nearby region. 

General Information

Nutritional response testing is a non-invasive approach for evaluating the health of your organs. We don't even have to use a needle because it doesn't consist of any blood work.

This particular analysis helps to identify what foods might be contributing to your poor health. Keep in mind that everyone responds differently to different foods, so you might have an allergy, sensitivity, or other issues that are throwing your system off balance every time you eat it. And in return, you're then feeling lousy, and it could even be wreaking havoc on your insides. 

Nutritional response testing can help detect deficiencies, as well. These can lead to various symptoms affecting different organ systems. 

How it Works

When you visit our New York, NY, chiropractor, our practitioner will ask you about your current diet and habits. Our chiropractor will want to know about any issues you're experiencing and how frequently you have them. 

Using delicate pressure, our practitioner will feel different spots on your body. These are acupressure points, and by feeling them, our practitioner can determine where your areas of weakness are. Our practitioner will also check your reflexes and evaluate your nervous system function. Through all this and the medical history report, our practitioner can develop an understanding of where any dysfunction or weakness lies. Our chiropractor can then tailor a diet plan that works to optimize your health and the function of your organ in question. 

Who Should Receive Nutritional Response Testing 

This isn't a service we recommend for all of our patients. However, if you have unpleasant symptoms that are hindering your quality of life, such as fatigue, our practitioner may be able to help. 

We should mention that we can use this treatment no matter your age. 

At Dr. Salkin's practice in New York, NY, our practitioner is dedicated to improving overall health, not just masking symptoms. This is when nutritional response testing comes into play and can help our chiropractor tailor a program to your needs to reduce the unpleasant effects of allergies, sensitivities, and deficiencies through diet changes. 

If you think you could benefit from this service, contact us today by calling 212-249-1476.

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